A E O Outreach
Programme for Importers/Exporters and other stakeholders

  1. Detailed guidelines regarding AEO programme was issued to Trade vide Public Notice No. 24/2016 dated 10.08.2016.
  2. An AEO outreach programme has been conducted for Importers/Exporters on 27.09.2016 and 37 participants attended the programme.
  3. One more outreach programme has been conducted on 29.09.2016 for the Customs Brokers, Logistics Providers, Warehouse Operators and Custodians or Terminal Operators and 52 participants attended the programme.
  4. Public Notice No. 06/2017 dated 23.03.2017 was issued, nominating the undersigned as Client Relationship Manager for the purpose of AEO programme.
  5. During the month of March 2017, four sectoral outreach programmes were conducted on 07.03.2017, 16.03.2017, 23.03.2017 and 30.03.2017, wherein the various Importers/Exporters were categorized sector-wise viz., marine products, Vegetable oils, Petrochemicals, Coffee, Cashew etc. and sensitised. Around 50 participants attended the sessions.